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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 31, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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when writing to factor or to you. remember, the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, the battle to deep fund obama care is investigatgetting with some members of the republican party calling it dumb and others calling it exactly what the country leaves. now they want to block the health care law on october 1st, the point at which government funding must get renewed by congress. others in the party say it's too politically risky. senator tom coburn said, quote, it's not an achievable strategy. the dumbest idea i've ever heard but a dozen senators have backed to push this including senator ted cruz. >> the question i have asked of
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my republican colleagues over and over again is what is your alternative. if we simply sit here and meekly do nothing or if we cast another symbolic vote to repeal obama care that never go anywhere, we will be aaceding to it. >> that reminds me of another public address delivered nearly 40 years ago. >> i became a republican not because the parties were the same but precisely because they were different. more than half of those who didn't vote have been polled and say it no longer makes any difference which party wins. now, some have taken another course. there are some among us and i respect their views who suggests that means the end to the republican party and we should form a new third party. may i suggest an alternative
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party. may i suggest that we have a new first party, republican party, raising a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels standing for certain values which will not be compromised. >> so will the republican party be remembered for bold colors or pale pastels? joining me now, senator marco rubio. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> is this the moment that reagan described back then? >> it is. if we're not willing to draw the line on obama care as what issue are we willing to do it now? i can't think of a thing that's affecting our economy than obama care is now. this is not about shutting down our government. this is very sim prime minister. this is about whether we're going to continue to pour money into a program that is basically eviscerating the american economy. it's forcing people to go from full-time work to part-time work, costing them insurance they're happy with, costing them their existing relationship with
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their doctor they've been seeing for years, hurting businesses that have been growing. it's so damaging that people of the irs are begging to be let out from under this law. this is a critical moment. if we're not willing to fight on this issue, what issue are we willing to fight on? >> i kind of feel the same way as you do, senator. senator coburn says it's not an achievable strategy. it just wouldn't work. some of the spending would be mandatory. as a matter of fact, a significant portion. and only a small percentage of obama care funding would be discretionary. is there a way around that? >> there is. the house needs to pass a short-term budget that has attached to it a bill. now, the argument he would make and others is that harry reid and the senate democrats will never go for that. we shouldn't go for any budget that doesn't defund obama care
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and the only budget out there for us to consider would be the one that came over from the house. beyond that i would say to you that is part of our continuing resolution we can defund, for example, setting up the exchanges. we can defund the additional irs workers. there's a lot we can do, but at the end of the day, how can i go back to florida and my fellow colleagues go back to their home state and look at people with a straight face and say we did everything we could to keep this law from hurting you? how can we say that to them if we vote for a budget that funds this. and that's the fund mental choice that's before us. >> mike lee described it. he said this is not about a government shutdown. our debt, military, social security, everything would be funded except this. >> that's right. >> so at that point if there's a government shutdown, who would be responsible? >> well, the one who's threatening to shut down the government is the president and his democratic ally. what they're basically saying is
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unless we fund obama care, they won't support it. i would suggest it's not more important than our country. obama care is not more important than our economy and it's their insistence on pouring money into this failed experiment, not us. >> carl rover w was on the prog last night. he said something i've mention add lot. it's predicated on lies, but he talked about this strategy versus he would rather use an alternative strategy. what is your reaction to that because i don't know what the ailiviive strategy could be. >> right now there isn't any. right now the only strategy i know of with regard to obama care is ours in terms of con fronting this and using the opportunity in september to defund this horrible law and the impa impact. i would say this, sean. this is not about republicans versus democrats anymore.
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this is hurting all americans. what own view labor unions, workers for the irs coming out against this, workers sent up to capitol hill to calm people down, you realize how much it's already hurting our country. for me this is the last best chance. we have to do this. if we don't at leeftz try to do this, the impact it's going have on our economy, some of it is going to be irreversible. >> and it's costing billions. the president got rid of the employee mandate that's costing $12 billion. >> think about the people who have health insurance now and they're happy with it. they're going to lose that health insurance. they have a doctor they've been seeing for the last 15 or 20 years. won't be able to keep going to that doctor. i think of working-class americans who are right now work 40g hours a week that because of obama care are going to be cut back to 29 hours a week. i think about the small businesses that want to expand and grow but are afraid to do so because it wows trigger the
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obama mandate. i've met and talked to these people. they're hard-working-class americans who are on the verge of being punished because as you said this law was built on broken promises and promises that are made to be broken. >> look at sarah murnaghan who had to have a judge intervene. let me ask you. since the immigration poll was passed, polls show it's gone down conservatively. you've taken a big hit in terms of your popularity because of it. some people have remained very angry with you about it. what is your reaction about it? >> i didn't do it for politics as you're outlining. i did it because i thought it's important for this country to solve this problem. as i described earlier, if i came to you and told you my immigration plan was to allow 11 million to stay here legally. we weren't going to deport them.
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dpeenld depending on where they work, they may not have to pay tax taxes, that they're not going to get free medical benefits but if they show up to the emergency room they'll get free care, you would say that's bad plan. i'm saying that's a bad plan. that's what's going to happen if we don't do something. my hope is we can fix this problem. i felt in the senate we had to get the process started. we did the best we could. certainly the bill isn't perfect but i think it's a good way to start the process. i hope the conservatives will improve upon it and think they deserve the space and time to do it in a way they can support and i hope eventually they'll solve it. it's not the most important issue but it is an important issue and fe with can solve it, we should try to do so. >> if the house would try to do this incrementally where they would first secure the borders first, which i think is the most important thing to do and we should be doing it anyway
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regardless of what else happens and let's say they decide after the borders are secure and verrett feed secured that they would allow legalization but not citizenship because people didn't respect our laws and sovereignty. could you support that? >> it's not the direction the senate wanted to go but if it was up to only me, that's the direction we would have gone. you get a better product as a result of that. what you've come outlined is complicated. the problem with that is you've just replaced one immigration issue with another immigration issue. in the long term i think that position remains unmaintainable. i think you're going to trigger a whole new debate on immigration reform all over again. my prev reince would be to deal with this issue in a way that has not actually just border security but 40% of our illegal immigration are people who are overstays their visas. you have to have a system to track them. yesterday we saw a report that
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there are a million people, we don't know where they are. >> thank you for being with us. coming up next here on "hannity" -- >> look. make no mistake about it. obama care is a mess. it is an absolute mess. >> obama care, the irs, two of the hottest topics on the plannic. they were the subject of a wild committee hearing today. to put it mildly, it was not a good day for team obama. before we get to, that you get to vote on the video of the day. log onto number one, fill landering president, bill clinton like you've never, ever seen him before. that's right. hillary, close your eyes. >> if you can't read from the same page, maybe i'm going blind. maybe i'm out of mind.
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two of the most controversial issues on the planet collided today on capitol hill at what can only be described as a contentious hearing. obama care and the irs were the hot topic os testify day and among many of the issues they battled over is whether the white house has the duty to do it. the president announced unilaterally he would delay the mandate until after midterm elections. however, they called that decision an abuse of power. watch this. >> does the administration have the authority to decline implement a provision of law -- of the law required? >> no. and the executive branch is
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required to factfully administer the laws passed by congress provided they're constitutional and that's true with this administration and prior administrations. >> now, earlier the debate over funding became the focus and whether democrats like it or not, even liberal witnesses said congress does have the power to cut off funding for this train wreck. take a look. >> mr. lazarus, i know you love the affordable care act, but isn't it our right not to fund that which -- >> think it is quite clear congress has the power. >> the right to responsibility. i was asking -- and i know i need to yield back, but the power is a different question. the right and responsibility under the constitution. wouldn't you say that is clearly within the foursquares of our constitution? >> well, thing particularly the word "responsibility" is putting a spin on it that i don't think is necessary and i wouldn't necessarily want to add to, but certainly you have the power. >> ah.
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and that power is one that a growing number of lawmakers on capitol hill are threatening to use. here with the latest on the battle to defund, jay secculo is back as well as former clinton counsel lanny davis. all right. let us first go to the question, jay, of whether or not the president unilaterally can decide that, okay, this is the law, the law's supposed to take effect january 24th, and, oh, the cbo points out -- we'll put it on the screen -- that it will cost an extra $12 billion. it says president obama's decision to delay implementation of part of the health care reform law will cost $12 billion and leave a million fewer americans with employer-sponsored health insurance in 2014. does he have the right do that legally? >> if he's a king you would. if you're a monarch you can. but if you're the president of the united states, you don't get
6:17 pm
that opportunity. the law is the law. you don't like the way it's written but it needs to be put in force, in effect. by the way, not delaying the individual mandate is basically taking the law into his own hand. he's cherry-picking what portions of the law he wants to enforce or put into effect, and the president as a chief executive officer of the country doesn't have that authority. the shareholders if you will, the american people through their elected representatives passed the law for good or for ill. ite tess law. i wish the supreme court would have struck it as unconstitutional. it goes into effect. you can't cherry pick. a monarch can do that. a king can do that. a president can't. >> lanny, don't you want your president to follow the rule of law? >> this is one of those very few moments on your program where i'm going to say i really can't make up my mind on this one. andrew jackson once said about chief justice marshall's decision to uphold the national bank, he made the decision, let
6:18 pm
him execute it. so the separation of power often allows -- >> lanny, lanny, wait. this is the law of the land. he could have gone back to koj and said i need a delay. he didn't. he did it unilaterally. whoo why is this even a dispute with you? >> you're asking me whether he has the constitutional right to implement a law passed by congress. i think there is a law that he . it's a law he signed. it's the law of the land. >> i'd like to see the language. does the language say it shald shal be implemented by 2014? >> yes. it basically holds it into abeyance this year and moves it to the effective date. lanny, the problem is if there's a law that's passed, signed by the president, put into effect, and declared constitutional by the supreme court, i don't think
6:19 pm
the president can go back without congressional authority and rewrite the law. that's what he's done here. i wish it wasn't going into place. as max baucus said, it's a train wreck. you see that in the cbo numbers. there's no authority to do that. the president can't do that on his own. >> you know, sean, in the rare moment i don't know, i'd have to look at the language, i don't like being on the show with jay. >> he's making you look bad. >> i know. i'm not going to be nice to him anymore. i really need to look at the language to see whether jay is right. >> do either one of you dispute the spend -- we're not going the dispute that. >> of course. >> you don't disagree, do you? >> absolutely. >> of course. we had an election. president obama won and he campaigned on obama care. >> and the congress won to repeal it. >> all the american people voted
6:20 pm
for president obama. >> not all of them. i didn't. >> since i support obama care that's why president obama won. >> they also ran on another platform. >> they have the right to defund. >> acknowledged. absolutely. >> jay mentioned max baucus. i want to play this because with the president now taking the law into his own hands and rewriting it and by passing congress, he rewrote the law. listen to what he said about it. >> i just see a huge train wreck coming down. you and i have discussed this many times and i don't see any results yet. what can you do to help all these people around the country wondering what in the world do i do and what do i know what to do. >> pretty damning statement, isn't it, lanny in. >> well, it is. i don't think it's going to be a train wreck because of what was announced today. the federal government has reached out to the private sector, a client of mine, i
6:21 pm
won't do a plug, to a website that will sign up people, yet there are 14 states including maryland, my home state, that won't reach out and allow the private sector to help them get ready and allow them to sign them up by 2014. why don't we ask those 14 states including new york and california why they insist on bureaucracy doing it rather than reaching out to the private sector. does that make me sound like a conservative? >> it does. >> let me ask jay this question. if the republicans do defund it which they have to right do which is very intellectually honest of them. listen to this. what do you think. how should the republicans garner this propaganda and platitudes and demonization. >> opponents of obama care are trying to deny low income people in certain states like my state,
6:22 pm
pennsylvania, the tax credits they need and deserve under the law to make health care affordable. >> how do they counter that? >> it's easy. obama care was supposed to, quote, help make health care affordable on its face and it hasn't done that. number one, you've got the employer mandate being extended. you've about got hha. cbo with the fact that it's going to cost an additional $12 billion. look, lanny's great lawyer. he got his private sector support in there. i'm all for the private sector. but you have states who don't know what to do. a lot of these states can't come up with it. this is a mess. it's not going to happen. >> let me leave by disagreeing with jay. the congressman was exactly right. what a230rdable care southbound is having a base where all the uninsured can be insured bd and then an individual mandate to make it affordable.
6:23 pm
that's why i have that legislation. >> appreciate it. good seeing you both. coming up, the old saying is true. you are who you hang out with, at least when it comes to anthony weiner and his campaign staff. we're going to see his campaign managers who language was so colorful. it's so bad we can't even show some of it. tonight, al, still waiting for the phone call. michelle is here tonight to weigh in on what the reverend said about me earlier today on his radio show and we'll also remind you of all the controversial things reverend al said over the years. now it's time to select video of the day. option number two. >> 0-2 coming. did he go? yes. walz tumbles off the mound. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus
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welcome back to "hannity." remember back in the 2012 election they pounced on mitt romney when he said, quote, they gave him a binder full of women to help him fill cabinet positions? it light of the latest anthony weiner sexting scandal, how democrats categorize the disgraced congressman's conduct. he can't seem to dig himself out of trouble. now we have members of his campaign staff proving they're just as raunchy as he is. one of his interns wrote an article in "daily news." she said they were only getting close to his campaign in order to get close to huma who has
6:28 pm
tieing to hillary. barbara morgan went on a tirade about the intern and according to reports morgan calling the internt every name in the book, named so bad i'm not allowed to repeat them on television. i'll also get some of yu mad with me. you think if somebody on the left or right ever used these types of words, would they be on the campaign? weiner decided she'll be able to stay on the campaign. who has the war against women? i'd say the democrats. joining me now katy pavlovic and leslie marshall. the best i can say here is "t" word, "c" word, "f" word, slut bag. that's about the best i can do. weiner says she stays. what if a republican did that, leslie? >> actually, democrat or republican -- i'm a democrat and i'm a woman first, you know that. by the way, that "c" word
6:29 pm
shouldn't even be in the english vocabulary. >> neither should the other ones. >> i can handle some of those better. but she definitely should not be working with a politician who's running for mayor. i wouldn't even vote for weiner based on the fact that he continues his behavior a year after stepping down from congress. she's not running, however, sean. i think it's a poor choice for weiner to continue with his -- >> wait a minute. she's his spokesperson. >> mm-hmm. >> this profanity-laced tirade. she goes on against an innocent person here. i mean really? i mean he keeps her on staff? katie in. >> yes. it's very natural to have miss more gone to be working for anthony weiner who has little respect for women. but going back to the conversation, the democrats actually won a lot of female votes based on the war on women rhetoric and they wanted to tie
6:30 pm
every republican gaff to the romney campaign. they did it very well. leslie marshall was one of those people who talked about how it was directly tied to paul ryan. so when the intern goes and talks about the campaign, telling the truth how they're really not interested in the weiner campaign, it's totally legitimate to tie the treatment of these women to the hillary campaign, which we're probably going to see happen in 2016. same standards on both sides. >> leslie? >> i totally disagree. katie, i'm so glad you read my column. you, my mom, some other people. >> no problem. >> in addition to, that look. mitt romney didn't lose the female vote because of binders or the phrase "war on women" whether you light or believe it or not. it's because of the republican stance on legislation, whether it's trying to overturn roe v.
6:31 pm
wade and come up with more restrictive areas of abortion. >> that's not true. >> whether it's trying to close clinics or having a war against planned parenthood. >> or not paying for birth control for sandra. >> and it wasn't just women. >> let me ask you this. >> there are others, african-americans and hispanics. >> the point here is it's a double standard between republicans and democrats. democrats whether it's eliot spitzer, ted kennedy, bill clinton, mayor san diego, they always brush under this bad behavior for the sake of the party or the sake of the bad issue on the abortion, so long as they vote the right way and vote for pro abortion policies, their bad behavior is completely brushed under the rugs. we've seen it for decade after decade. republicans are held accountable where we ask them to resign for and you bring it to the level of
6:32 pm
pinning it on r.i.m. who has never said the kind of things todd akin said. >> i'm not bringing up mitt romney, although i actually love him. sean did. >> you wrote about it. >> i was the first to say he should resign. i say that, i maintain that. david vitter. sound familiar? he also like eliot spitzer not only broke the law in soliciting a prostitute and committed adultery. in addition to that i would kick them to the curb if they were my boyfriend or husband. i do not condone that behavior. i see his poll numbers dropping. the majority of people in san diego calling for nirl to resign are women. let me say this. the allegations of bill clinton, the way he treated paula jones, contactually, juanita and of course the intern monica lewinsky, this was a lot deeper. this was an abuse of women.
6:33 pm
democrats came to his defense and they rallied behind him. do you think, katy, it goes back to the oochz hypocrisy in that instance? is it relevant here? >> sean, let me give you the biggest sense of hypocrisy when for days and days the democrats were talking about the so-called war on women. sand sandra fluke spoke. then they had a five-minute tribute to ted kennedy who left a woman to drown in his car before he called the police. the only war on women is democrats. it's time that nancy pelosi stepped up and actually called for the resignation of people like filner and told eliot spitzer to get lost. >> thank you both. appreciate it at alwa. coming up next. >> they all of a sudden don't want to talk to a certain of us.
6:34 pm
they're huxters. >> rev raenld al, i debated you, confronted you with some of your moers controversial statements which i'm going to play next because you haven't given me an apology. >> up next, michelle malkin is here and will weigh in on the host and his tirade against me. we want to hear from you. log on to hannity and twitter. here's option number three. a horrific landslide all caught on tape. if you want to see how this ends, well, we'll show you in its entirety if you vote for it coming up. check out the bass pro shops' fall hunting classic. where you can save up to $100 on top of already low
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. welcome back to "hannity." another day has passed and rev reynolds al has yet to apologize. the reverend did make another ridiculous and false claim about yours truly during his radio show today. let's get you up to speed. >> what he's interested in about is those on the right is they want to have a limited discussion. i'm prepared as i know you are and others to discuss the responsibility in terms of what is wrong and inequality. why do they want to limit the discussion and why do they want to choose who can be in a discussion?
6:39 pm
you know, one of the things that i've been even criticized for, i've had bill o'reilly, sean hannity, all of them at a convention, they all of a sudden don't want to talk to a certain of us. we're huxters. why do they come to huxterhuxte conventions? we'll decide who's in a discussion with you guys being divisive. it's so clear and apparent that they don't really want to have a true and honest discussion. >> reverend, i went there. i discussed with you, debated you, and here i am today. here with reaction to this much more, fox news contributor michelle famalkin. i've got a question. do you think he's created a job with all this activism? has he prevent add life? united anybody, solved any
6:40 pm
problems over the years among groups that you know of, michelle? >> al sharpton has blood on his hands, he's ruined lives, he's one of the worst division nevers of hate in my lifetime. how can you expect an ounce of honor from a man who doesn't have it? certainly he's not going to go out of his way to try and defend yours or to be a stand-up guy. i love you like a brother, sean, and i was very dismayed when you made that decision, and know you made it out of good faith, to attend the national action network. but this guy is a shakedown artist who hates cops, who hates whites, who hates jews, who has stoked his rent-a-mob to yankle rosenbaum, to destroy the live of steven pago nas when he lied about tawanna brawley and has done nothing but foment the very
6:41 pm
kind of anger that he's now accusing you, a wasn't, quote/unquote friend of. i want to remind you of something i've reminded you tirelessly of all conservatives. if you get in the snake pit, you will be bit. these conservatives have been far too nice to these people in a good faith effort to have conversations. you can't with somebody who's a demagogue and is evil. >> maybe you're right. maybe i made a mistake. but i've got to tell you. in especially the first debate and we aired it here on fox, i confronted him with all of those comments about, you know, jewish men, to pin his yamaka on backward and the 25th street comments which resulted in deaths. i'm going to say to him, if this is battle he wants to fight every day, i'm going to rind him
6:42 pm
of not one isolated incident but a history of vitriol out of his mouth. for example. >> you ain't nothing. come on, do something. >> we have black chicken fryers of the universe and we gonna go buy some colonel sanders chicken. then the chinamen come in and throw out some hot grease in the aunld did it down and you stand by and buy that. koreans sell us water mel-on-. we been eating watermelon all of lives. they gonna come cut it up, put it in a bucket with a rubber band around it, and we gonna buy it like it's something we didn't know it was. white folks was in the cave when we had built empires. we learned to admire them, but they knew to admire us. we built pyramids before donald trump ever knew what architecture was. we taught philosophy and
6:43 pm
astrology and mathematics become socrates and them greek [ bleep ] ever got around to it. david dinkins, you wannabe the only [ bleep ] on tell vision. only [ bleep ] in the newspaper, only [ bleep ] that can talk. don't cover them. don't talk to them because you know if a black man stood up next to you they would [ bleep ] see you for what you are. >> if it wasn't so sad and incendiary it would almost be like a "saturday night live" show it's so
6:44 pm
gore and every presidential candidate in the 2008 election and preceding it has kissed the ring of this race schaar charle. he thinks h ke lose weight and put makeup on and be respected? warn people not to be a mistake of an enabler of al sharpton but a disabe ler. i've tried do it as much as often over the last 20 years and i know you have, too, sean. >> i brought those tapes with me when i debated him. i had those loaded up and ready to go. i confronted him on each and every one of those issues, which i don't know if anyone else has done that. >> yes. >> we've got the tape. we can go back though that one day.
6:45 pm
what do you make of the fact that nbc news, tom brokaw, matt brokaw, the $25 million man, brian williams, he is now a host on their news channel. what do you make of that? >> that's right. that's where this debate needs to shift now. as i have said and so many of our friends have said in the conservative media watchdog world, news busters and media research council have been great watchers of this demagogue, it's up to the corporate media to finally hold themts accountable for their own enabling. if they won't do it, viewers and people of good faith have to do it. call him to the carpet. take action. you're not going to get an apology. but this is a moment, a turning point to make this man responsible. >> all right, michelle malkin, thanks so much for being with us. coming up next, a special "hannity" investigation.
6:46 pm
our own has discovered a textbook. you won't believe what else this school district is trying to teach your kids. todd will be on that book right here in our studios. plus, there's still time to vote for the video of the day. simple. log on to hannity live fox, on twitter @hannity. we'll play that in its entirety at the end of the show. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business . . put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards.
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welcome back to "hannity," world history textbook in the florida public school system it raising concerns over the alleged islamic bias. it's been used in ninth grade advanced placement classes in brevard schools. it's under review now. let's look inside the book. you can see on the screen, it has a major chapter on islam entitled muslim civilizations. keep in mind, it has zero chapters on christianity or judaism. it teaches about the prophet
6:51 pm
mohammed and describes jihad as a "holy war to defend islam." here now with the book in hand and more details on the controversy, fox news radio todd sterns. >> this is it, sean. 36 pages in this textbook daed indicated to islam and the prophet mohammed. not one chapter about christianity, not one positive mention about jesus. they say that some people believe he may be the savior but they declare definitively that mohammed is god's messenger. public school. >> you said defining jihad interpreting as a holy war to defend islam. like they're the victims. >> exactly. as a matter of fact, through the entire chapter, sean, i mean, islam is defended. they talk about how wonderful islam is to women. you mean, you think that they were having victoria secret stores over there by reading this. >> the women who can't drive or go to school. >> that's right. >> or the women who are stoned. >> been brutally assaulted and
6:52 pm
murdered. none of that is mentioned in the book. >> for the women under she rewho need four male eyewitnesses to prove rape. >> it even redefines history and reconstructs history. they about the crusades. when christians do something, it's called a massacre. when the muslims do something, it's an occupation. >> big difference. why if it's a world history book and they're going to deal with the sensitive topic of religions, why not comparative religions? >> it's a great question. unfortunately, the publisher of this book is not giving us the answer to that question. i called pearson publishers, they wouldn't talk to us. they gave us a prepared statement. they're defending this. they say it's fair and balanced. school board members are telling us in brevard county that it's not fair and balanced. they've had a chance to read this and had problems with this. sean, when i did my original story, we got e-mails from all over the countries, parents saying they had similar issues and we understand that a survey, study has been done by the
6:53 pm
citizens for national security and 80 textbooks in use now are filled with muslim bias. this is across the country. >> is it bias or a whitewash politically correct version. perhaps the definition of jihad is wrong? >> exactly. it's not only whitewashing history. it's also distorting what jihad and what other definitions like that really are. the reason why is this. there is an organization called the institute on religious and civic values. they have an adviser, they were an academic adviser to this book. you might say that seems lick a fairly normal organization. >> innocuous. >> they changed their name. they used to be the council on islamic education. >> where does the aclu, where are the liberals who don't want the mention of jesus or prayer in school? >> cue the crickets. you put baby jesus in a play, the aclu is filing lawsuit. you have teachers saying grace
6:54 pm
in the florida panhandle, they're threatened with jail. they haven't issued one statement about 36 pages of islamic doctrine, bible verses from the koran in here. no bible verses but the quran is in this textbook. >> do you think this outcry that started, do you think it will end in this being removed? >> that could be. a few moments ago a school board member called me from brevard county. she's introducing this to the entire board. she has grave concerns about what she read in here. we could see this book revised, rewritten or removed from the system. >> fox news radio, thank you, todd. we'll play your choice for tonight's video of the day straight ahead. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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6:59 pm
♪ if you can't hear what i'm trying to say ♪ if you can't read from the same page ♪ baby, i'm going deaf ♪ maybe i'm going blind ♪ maybe i'm out of mind ♪ but you're an animal ♪ just let me liberate you ♪ you don't need no -- that man is not your -- good girl ♪ i know you want it ♪ i know you want it ♪ i know you want it ♪ you're a good girl ♪ >> what's next, florida georgia line get your shine on? get your shine on ladies, it's me, bill. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled.
7:00 pm
greta van susteren standing by live to go on the record. see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight, congressman paul ryan is here. he says the president's grand bargain is a raw deal. what about the obama administration's big push to paint real problems as phony scandals? >> this administration is the least transparent in history. they're making it very clear that what they said they don't do. they deny, they deceive, they delay. >> whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the irs. the attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> this has to stop. this is not a scandal. this is a national security failure where four brave americans died and we're doing nothing to bring the people to justice to understand how it failed. >> all of these scandals, he calls them they're not